SSRPG Yearbook Term 24



Mr and Mrs Hogwarts

Mr. and Mrs. Hogwarts are the students who most embody school spirit. They know everyone and everyone knows them. They don't have to be the nicest or most selfless people but they do have to represent everyone and show the Wizarding World just who we are here at Hogwarts. Your votes put them here, and here they'll stay. This term while Miss Gold Laksh stood out as Mrs Hogwarts along with her co-prefect Chris Potter as Mr Hogwarts. They follow in the footsteps of the likes of Nicholai Toussaint, Anna Greingoth, Evangeline Green,Plymouth Morgan, Dominic Denton, Evolette McKenna, Celandine Toussaint, Copernicus Kettleburn and Jack Fritzera. They're us and we are them.




Cutest Couple

You've seen them around the school being cute together, maybe even causing a few of you to vomit, but you probably don't know the full story. This angsty and adorable couple, made up of Gryffindor Head Boy Jack Fritzera and Slytherin's sweetheart prefect Reese Upstead probably won't tell you the details. Maybe one day when they're married with babies hmm? The votes are in, you chose them. Aren't they just sickeningly cute?


Most Likely to Play Professional Quidditch

With mad Quidditch skills in abundance, the votes are in and fans and teammates alike have told us who they think will be on professional teams in the future, maybe even representing England. Its the tenacious Slytherins who managed to take out this superlative, third place in the Quidditch Cup, Slytherin's very own Captain Kiri Starstalker and Seeker Oliver Greenwood show us how its done. How do you snakes feel about autographs?


Most Likely to Invent or Discover Something

To be a worthwhile inventor or discoverer of new things, you have to be just a little bit unorthodox in your methods. Well these two Ravenclaws, whatever else they are, apparently have that special something that made you all vote for their big ol' Eagle brains. Neptune Bott and Miles Vorkosigan are the ones to watch and steal ideas from before they patent them.


7th Year Legacy

They may be graduating but their names will echo through the hallways for eons, younger students remembering them fondly and regaling each other with epic tales of greatness. Once again it is the Head boy and girl receiving this honor, though this time its because of kindly natures, good grades and smiling faces rather than more selfish reasons, like the previous winners.


Most Likely to Become Minister for Magic

Maybe its the way she charms her way out of trouble, or the way he follows the rules. Maybe its just the way they both seem ahead of the game and precocious beyond their years. The votes are in and young Ravenclaw Tiberius Pryce and Slytherin Evelyn Flores are the faces that you, their peers, wouldn't mind voting into office one day. Funnily enough these two were the most promising first years last term. Seems like none of you  can think of one without thinking of the other!

Most Promising First Years

This term's first years had a trying time with horrible duels and intimidating injuries, but even with the legend of Hufflepuff deaths hanging over their heads, these two young Badgers held their heads high and got themselves noticed. Thats right, you lot simply loved them and saw their promise from a mile away. Set a good example and play nice everyone, Arya Lovegoods and Aaron Rose will be watching you and heres hoping they learn from your mistakes before they make mistakes of their own.


Most Likely to Break out of Azkaban

They're troublemakers, pure and simple.Not bad kids and yet there they are, constantly getting in trouble and getting noticed for attitude or bad behaviour. You must have a bit of faith in their smarts, or you wouldn't have voted them most likely to break out of the toughest wizarding prison there is. Lets hope that Violet Riddle and Joshua Carter mend their ways before they graduate or we might have to send them care packages.


Most Likely to Have Their Own Reality TV Show

A day in the life of these two individuals interests you all enough that you'd consider watching them on a muggle television at three am or on a lazy sunday afternoon when you can't be bothered looking for the remote control. Maybe its the drama, maybe its the angst. Perhaps a bit of comedy, and plenty of charm. Whatever it is, the votes are in, and its a Hufflepuff landslide.


Most Popular Twitter Account

What the heck is a twitter? These two know and apparently they have a whole lot of followers and stalkers. Who knew Professor Vindictus and Sixth year Slytherin Nancy Hudonson liked birds?


Professor/Student You'd Want to Have Your Back in a Fight

Theres always trouble at Hogwarts and this term was certainly no different. When it comes down to it you've got to have firepower on your side and the votes came through with few surprises in this category. The new Headmaster and former International Task Force Agent and dark wizard wrangler Gaellen Tate certainly showed his stuff, protecting the school, his staff and the students from the intruder in a big bang final battle. But not before Professor Ethan Truebridge, Azkaban releasee and the only man who has defeated Valon Kazimeriz in a duel and lived to tell about it had done some heavy damage of his own, and kept each and every one of us safe and made a martyr of himself in the process. Absent for the big battle, the votes still showed one Anastasia Bunbury, rabid redheaded Herbology professor and significant other of the temporarily incarcerated Truebridge to be a favourite, though of course you'd have to give her good reason to stand up for you. In company of these three professors, one student managed to rake in the votes. Celandine Toussaint, sixth year Ravenclaw is the one you all trust, after all, not only did she prove herself a champion dueler last term, but this term she got herself kidnapped in an effort to save us all. I wonder what would happen if the four of them teamed up?



Most Epic War Wounds

The battle was tough and while there were many students and professors seriously injured both physically and mentally, your sympathies lie with Slytherin's Dylan Denver and the heavily pregnant Professor Iliana Lawson. Never fear, they've healed up well in the meantime, and Professor Lawson now has a lovely baby girl!